1. strange lag on dragging windows around¶

A somewhat niche occurrence that a handful of users anre seeing, is pointer gost effect when dragging some windows around.

the lag doesn’t ook to be a bug with Windows 11 directly, as the author of one post notes “i noteced that the lag only started when the window overlapped with the task bar. This made me remember that i have open shell installed. Uninstalling this fixed the issue.”

It seems Windows 11 isn’t a compbatible with some taskbar-chaing software you might be runging on windows 10 anyway, so just make sure to double check before installing.

1.1. 修复方式¶

window11 拖拽延迟问题很有可能是因为文件夹管理软件得不兼容造成。 当关闭文件夹,或者让文件夹不和任何窗口重叠就不会发生类似问题。


1.2. 其他解决方案¶


  • 调低鼠标回报率
  • 关闭窗口透明
  • 关闭性能显示效果
  • 跟新显卡驱动

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